From the Vice President AFAASI

As I address as the vice president of AFAASI, I have no one else to thank but my friend, mentor and colleague Dr. Ravi Hebballi, the secretary of the organisation. Thank you for your trust in me Ravi.

Aesthetic practice today demands a lot from character, intellect, practical ability, business sense as well as aesthetic outlook, Hence it is no more a domain of one speciality. From the moment I took office as Vice President, the central challenge we’ve confronted is to get experts from all specialities dealing with facial aesthetics under one roof.

I have always believed that such amalgamation of specialities is a happy marriage. There is so much to learn from each other and apply to our day to day practice. We can also pool in data and publish papers and come out with research data. This will put our country as well as us on the global scale. I want the young post graduates and practitioners to join our organisation which will help you choose and setup your practice arena. Those practicing in smaller cities and rural areas, you can always have something as simple as chemical peels and mesotherapy to start with. For those surgeons who want to make in career in cosmetic surgeries and hair transplants, there are experts to guide and train you in this house.

These are challenging times too. Today medical specialty is being invaded by any Tom, xxx and Harry. Quacks, illiterates, members of alternative medicine, are performing cosmetic procedures beyond their competence. Poor training, exaggerated paid advertisements, media blowups and disguised facts are emerging as banes for our speciality. It is time to learn to be safe than sorry.

I shall remain bold and beautiful!

Dr Apratim Goel