The aims and objectives of this association shall be:

a) To endeavor to attain higher facial aesthetic surgical standards.

b) To promote research in facial aesthetics and aesthetic surgery.

c) To maintain the dignity and honor of facial aestheticians and facial aesthetic surgeons and to protect the interest and rights of the members of the association and implement well formulated schemes for the social security of its members.

d) To disseminate scientific knowledge among members and other associated organizations by holding periodical meetings, workshops, conventions and conducting an annual conference known as Facethetics. These continued educational programs are in no way a licensure or certification to practice Facial Aesthetic Surgery. Adequate training needs to be undertaken from certified trainers and regulation bodies to practice Facial Aesthetics and Facial Aesthetic surgery.

e) To create a global platform for exchange of knowledge, expertise and ideas by doctors and clinicians practicing Aesthetic Surgery

f) To publish and circulate a journal which shall be the official organ of the Association and which shall undertake publicity and propaganda work of the Association through its columns.

g) To publish from time to time papers embodying Facial Aesthetics and Facial Aesthetic Surgical researches conducted by members independently or under the Association.

h) To encourage research and continuing education in Facial Aesthetics and Facial Aesthetic Surgical sciences with grants out of the funds of the Association, by establishment of scholarships prizes or awards and in such other manner as may from time to time be determined by the Association.

i) To affiliate with National and International Associations / bodies having similar objectives.

j) To consider and express views on all questions pertaining to Indian legislation affecting public health, with particular reference to facial aesthetics and facial aesthetic surgery and take such steps from time to time regarding the same as shall be deemed expedient and necessary.

k) To do all other things as are cognate to the objects of the Association or are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

l) To safeguard the professional interest, social security and individual member as a consumer.

m) To secure for its members the privilege of practicing all areas of Facial Aesthetics and Facial Aesthetic Surgery.

n) To maintain an Association office as herein afterwards provided.