Facial aesthetic surgery is a complicated canvas with overlapping specialties staking claim over it. While it has been accepted deep down that procedures need to be performed by appropriately trained surgeons rather than surgeons of a particular specialty, it is time this thought is translated into practice.

These procedures currently are being performed by Dermatologists, Plastic surgeons, Maxillofacial Surgeons, ENT surgeons and even Dental Surgeons. Each specialty brings distinct skills with it. In the absence of a common forum however, this is akin to five blind men feeling an elephant, each right in his own way, but unable to accept the opinion of others.

Association of Facial Aestheticians and Aesthetic Surgeons of India (AFAASI) is intended to be the umbrella organization where multiple specialties practicing facial aesthetic surgery can get together for exchange and dissemination of information and contribute to improved quality of care in a specialty that sees fragmented inputs from various specialties.

I invite you to be a part of this association to help restore sight to the five blind men and contribute with vigor towards improving this fascinating sub specialty.

Welcome to AFAASI !!!